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Whitetail / Turkey / Javelina
4 Days - All Inclusive - Fully Guided


Four  Days Archery + Combo

$1,250.00 + $1,250.00 Trophy Fee


a blackmaximum of eight hunters are permitted on the ranch at one 
time: we feel that small groups effect a warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere; boost camaraderie and allows ample elbow room for greater hunting successes.

     Rifle hunters have never had a success rate lower than 85% harvesting eight point or better buck deer.  At least one third bag a mature Rio Grande Gobbler, and any hunter that wants a javelina.... my outfit can provide a shot...rifle, bow, or handgun.

     Bow hunters are nearly as successful on buck deer and many make Pope & Young. Additionally, 25% zip their arrows through the mark on wild turkey. Archers also take numerous javelinas each season on this combo hunt...with a virtual 100% success rate...weighing as much as 85 lbs. some impressive tusks.

     Harvested game is field-dressed, skinned, cooled and prepared for shipping by ranch personnel, awaiting your departure. The following considerations should be observed when shipping meat on a returning air flight; all harvested game must accompany each hunter on departure; unless prior arrangements are made with this outfit; airlines charge approximately $75.00 for each piece of baggage over

     Stands for bow hunters are set 13' x 15' high, in large live oak trees. Hunter concealment is perfectly accomplished by many sprawling, well-leafed branches. Chosen with expert care, strong, reliable stands are tediously positioned. All are easily accessed and accommodate shots from both standing and sitting positions. Most are set for right handed archers, but we have taken time to position sufficient stands to oblige the occasional left hander. Natural looking, cedar-brush blinds are located near frequented water holes and roosting-sites for wild turkey... providing some fine entertainment!

Four Days – Rifle Combo Hunt  $2,650.00
No Trophy Fee


The Texas rifle season opens in early November, however, we delay our beginning
hunt to coincide with the rut. I've selected the two weeks before Thanksgiving to kick off our season. At such time, the rut is beginning and within days should be in full swing. This tactical delay achieves an important benefit for our hunters: neighboring ranches push game on us by their early hunting activity. Our ranch is kept quiet and is fed heavily, creating a potential sanctuary for wary game. This and other such strategies insure continued successes for our hunters. Weather resistant hunting towers with comfortable swivel chairs, are placed near habitual haunts and runs. They accommodate a solid rifle rest and offer an excellent vantage point for a relaxed, full day's hunt in most weather. Many tri-pods have also been set.

(cancellations may be rolled over to next year - 90 days prior to Oct 1st)


First Hunt 
November 12th-15th
Arrive Thursday @ noon
Depart Tuesday @ noon


eight hunters max each hunt,
professionally managed
private ranchland


Second Hunt
November 19th-22nd
Arrive Thursday @ noon
Depart Tuesday @ noon





Tom Powell 281/346-2995

Mike Phelps 813/681-8408
Deb & Joe West 770/577-1003 Ray Spencer 903/784-4274
Joe Menza 212/489-6630 Bob Wright 919/677-2000


Thanks for allowing me to work at what I enjoy most!
For more details call:
(972) 679-6781

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