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t black he javelina is present and hunted in only three states, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, but Texas has the largest population by far. Another fact is the javelina is a very unique animal...although having a pig-like appearance, habits, and noises, the javelina is not a member of the swine family, and is biologically speaking, in a class by himself.  Something to do with only three toes on the hind foot, and straight tusks.

I've enjoyed hunting this splendid creature with bow and arrow, and different 22 LR hand guns for a number of years now...and remember fondly the pursuit of them.  I consider each one harvested a grand hunting experience.

With 100,000 plus acres in Texas, and 50,000 in Mexico, I can't...even with the help of my guides, and combo hunters in the fall, properly manage the growing numbers of javelina on the ranches I outfit.



Hunt Dates: November - March

Hunt Package - 3 Days - All inclusive
$795.00 / Bag limit (2) Javelina

* Not Included *

* Airport Pick-up and Return - $25.00
(San Angelo, Texas)

(5) Day Non-resident License - $35.00
(license purchases: 800-895-4248)

All hunts begin and end at
noon on the appropriate booking dates.

Bookings Requires a 50% Non-refundable Deposit

"Thanks for allowing me to work at what I enjoy most!"
For Details Call: 
(972) 679-6781


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