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What To Bring
For Texas, Mexico And Kansas

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hat do I bring? This question is considered by each hunter planning a trip, near or far. I know it's been mine on each occasion I traveled to hunt.

All you really need other than your personal hunting gear is a 48 quart ice cooler... necessary to transport harvested game. (Click here for Dove | Duck | )

Hunting Gear

Texas, Kansas and Mexico can be hot and cold...of weather I speak such...ney, never the hunting!! Seriously though, the weather varies considerably during the hunting season. I've seen highs of 85 degrees & lows to 9 degrees with a 40 knot north wind, that's cold! So...like the Boy Scouts say..."be prepared", but use good judgment. It's been my experience most bring more than needed.

Before packing a half dozen shirts and pants, along with camo clothing, coveralls, coats, (3) pairs of boots and the like: airlines accept two pieces of check luggage plus one carry-on bag each person.

As a rule, limiting personal gear to one large bag, along with the required hard gun shell, and thirdly the ice cooler, is all one needs hunting with my outfit...except license. And, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.


 "Thanks for allowing me to do what I enjoy most!"
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