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MEX.gif (2810 bytes) recently discovered...a jewel hidden among the beautiful mountains of western Mexico. Until the spring of 1997 no American anglers had fished this tremendous reservoir, approximately 30,000 surface acres!

Huites (pronounced wheaties) is full of pure strain, fast- growin', big-mouthed, lure chuckin', muscled-up, Florida Bass.   It's common place for experienced anglers to have catches of 100-250 bass per day, per boat, weighing anywhere from 2 to over 10 pounds - with the majority weighing 3-4 pounds!  And...Lake Huites is the very first lake in Mexico declared by the government as a sport fishing lake only. 

Your typical day starts with an early morning knock on the door -  a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or coffee.  Minutes later you will be enjoying an all-you-can-eat American breakfast - fish until lunch... then, come back to the lodge for a wonderful meal, beginning with fresh nachos and a margarita.  After lunch it's back to fightin' them big bass.  Your day ends with a delicious gourmet dinner, served while you relax and enjoy the tranquil lake waters and scenic mountain view.

Anglers will enjoy new 17' boats equipped with bow mounted trolling motors, 55 or 65 hp outboards with dual gas tanks on each boat.

Tipping - Officially there is no firm tipping policy - but the Mexican help ignores that - tips of $20.00 per person for each day would be correct - split between your guide and lodge personnel - managers distribute to cooks, maids, waiters, drivers, etc.- but...this of course is left up to each client - yeah...sure, you haven't been to Mexico yet!

Guides - Most of the guides are local commercial fisherman. They are skilled boatmen and persistent.

Weather - Lake Suites is located approximately 400 miles south of Nogales, Arizona. Since it's a mountain lake, the mornings and evenings will be cool and require a light jacket. Mid-day temperatures can be quite warm, and early fall temperatures will be rather hot. Be sure to bring sun tan lotion, sunglasses, and a rain-suit.

 Handy Checklist - Rain suit, sunglasses, sun-tan lotion, rod case, ice chest, tackle box, rod and reels, insect repellant, passport or birth certificate, airline ticket, fishing cap, diarrhea medicine, Pepto Bismol, camera and film, pliers, fishing knife, and favorite snacks.  If you choose to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts then please cover exposed areas of skin with insect repellant as small biting gnats are present early and late afternoon.

                Three Days -- All Inclusive
Fully Guided--995.00 includes license


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(972) 679-6781

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Best Lures - Almost any type of lure will catch fish at this new lake...if it has'll catch fish!  You can use your favorites and do great.  However, a reasonable supply of crankbaits, spinners, topwaters, worms, jigs, and slabs, is prudent...there aint no Bass Pro Shop round the corner.  Seriously though, everybody has been able to catch a boat-load...100 fish and more per day, using almost any type or color lure.  Things may change in the future, so it would be wise to call before departing for a lure update.

Thanks for allowing me to work at what I enjoy most!
For more details call:
(972) 679-6781

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