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i f you are looking for a reasonably-priced, quality hunt and appreciate the advantages of small hunting groups, you must consider Don Lott Outfitter & Guide, a family run hunting outfit that consistently produces a high harvest percentage.  No other outfitter offers as much sport for your hunting dollar. Generous bag limits with a down-home atmosphere for six hunters max. Each hunt, on private ranch land...and forget your diet, this outfit prepares scrumptious home cooked meals.


















 star Southwest Texas is a bargain - our market for whitetail bucks is 115 to 130 B&C... but last season many bucks scored far better, some in the 150's Combo Hunt  Deer / Turkey / Javelina * Guided * All Inclusive * (4) Days - $2,450.00

star Mexico Whitetails are big - the lodge is only (30) miles from Eagle Pass, Texas... below the famous Golden Triangle, (a region in Texas known for the most record book entries) of South Texas. 140 to 150 bucks is what my outfit produces most often...some over 160 B&C. All Inclusive * $2,250.00 plus $1,500.00 trophy fee

star Bow Hunters - this outfit understands thoroughly how to set-up and achieve shots for bow hunters. Last season in Texas, a repeat hunter brought down a great P&Y 10pt monster. All Inclusive Hunts / Texas (4) Days - $1,250.00 / Mexico (4) Days - $1,495.00 / Kansas (4) Days - $1,495.00 + Trophy Fee - $1,250.00 all hunts.

star  Dove hunting down "Old Mexico Way" - a relaxing trip with great wing shooting, just a half hour drive from the border. It's common for hunters to shoot 10 to 15 boxes of shells a day. Two Packages * All Inclusive (3) Days $1,250.00 * License Included

star  Spring Turkey - Texas - don't miss the next season! By spring there'll be 300 plus roundtails to call...that's right, over 300 mature gobblers, a turkey hunters dream come true. Semi-Guided * All Inclusive  Two Bird Limit / First Hunt (3 1/2) Days  $1,150.00 / Second & Third (3) Days - $950.00 / Optional Third Gobbler - $300.00

star  Spring Turkey - Mexico - hunt within 30 miles of the Rio Grande (Big River) for the species of wild turkey named after it. And we got "mucho" turkey. Semi-Guided * All Inclusive * Three Bird Limit * (3) Days - $1,150.00

star  Duck & Quail Combo - Mexico - hunt duck each morning on a private 3,500 acre lake. Thousands of ducks feed each morning where blinds have been strategically placed. Mid-day and afternoon is quail hunting...most hunters bust 6 to 10 coveys.. Guided with Dogs * All Inclusive * w/license (3) Days  $1,750.00

star  Javelina - Texas / Mexico - a game animal that offers much more sport than you might imagine. When deer season is done, but the desire to hunt is pulling... come chase these critters round. An affordable, and always exciting hunt. Bow, small rifle, black powder or pistol...you decide. All Inclusive  Limit Two * (3) Days - $795.00  Varmints Allowed - N/C








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